It is my pleasure to be able to address you and hence communicate with you all via this website. As the District Education Officer of this district, it is my prime responsibility to make sure that the educational sector of this district grows by leaps and bounds. With all round support and positive input from all quarters and associated institutions and people, this office has been easily moving forward towards its goal.

Regardless of all our good intentions and round the clock efforts, there are constraints in our program implementation. We have to be constrained by the lack of manpower and financial limitations. In situations like these we have only little options at our disposal. Either we have to backtrack from our envisioned programs or we have to find better and scientific ways of working which will make sure that we get better results with limited resources.

The concept of this website is the brainchild of such contingency approach. We have taken this website as a master tool in our management, data keeping, monitoring, resource allocation, notification and above all communication purpose. We hope, this website will revolutionize our working methods and with limited staffs and minimal cost we can better manage our vast district wide educational network and also perform our routine activities with utmost ease.

We are now in the middle of the first quarter of the 21st century. From Stone Age to today’s wonder of the science age, education has been mankind’s path light. It is education which has enhanced our daily living and which has revolutionized the world we live in. So, being the government’s main educational, in fact only, office in the district we cannot restrain ourselves from the use of science and technology in our work procedures. We have taken this website as a stepping stone in the age of tomorrow where DEO, Arghakhanchi aims to be one of the most well run and scientifically managed offices across the nation.

For enhancing the educational faculty of this district and also to put this district in the prime educational index of the nation, we will be in continual need of all your support, help and inputs. Till today we have never been left wanting. We have with all your support and participation achieved what we have achieved till today. We hope, we still have days of better mutual support and co-working left in us.

Looking forward for our positive future.

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